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Why Choose A Hybrid Mattress?

The type of mattress a person needs should be decided on the individual themselves and what type of sleep they're looking for.

The most popular sleep position is the side sleeping position, which would require a mattress that would support the neck, hip, and shoulder areas, conforming to your body in a comfortable position.

Our Callisto Hybrid Mattress collection is encapsulated in our exclusive Zero Gravity technology, allowing your body to sink into the mattress and create a feel of weightlessness, whilst providing substantial support. Designed with a 3D border to enhance air circulation, thereby ensuring the mattress stays cool.

Our Ersa Hybrid Mattress collection has been developed with additional materials to provide more support, creating a feel of weightlessness. Comprised of a combination of pocket springs and Zero Gravity technology, detailed with a hand-side stitched border for extra edge to edge support.

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