Ersa 3000
Ersa 3000
Ersa 3000
Ersa 3000
Ersa 3000
Ersa 3000

Ersa 3000

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The Ersa Collection

The Ersa collection offers your body the rest it needs with a cooler support system using a combination of spring types and our exclusive Zero Gravity Technology.

The Ersa 3000 boasts 1000 pocket springs and 2000 tablet springs, and is comprised of our exclusive patented hybrid system.

The Ersa collection is finished with a luxury KnitStretch fabric and is hand-stitched for exceptional edge-to-edge support, alongside hand-upholstered rosette tufts ultimately providing optimum sleeping comfort.

Special features:

  •  Zero Gravity hybrid technology
  •  KnitStretch Fabric
  •  Hand-Stiched Border
  •  Hand Upholstered Rosettes 

Comfort Grade: Medium

Single Bed Matress 3’0’’ (30” x 74.5”):
Suitable for both children and adults.

Compact Double Bed Mattress 4’0” (48” x 74.5”):
If you prefer more width in exchange for less height, this bed is perfect for you.

Double Bed Mattress 4’6” (53” x 74.5”):
For single sleepers or for people with children or pets, the double bed is ideal. The bed is suitable for a couple who do not require a lot of legroom.

King Bed Mattress 5’0 (60” x 79.5”):
Most couples will find the king bed the perfect size, and singles will have plenty of space as well.

Super King Bed Mattress 6,0” (72” x 84”):
Those who are tall will appreciate the super king bed because it is four inches longer than a king bed.

Comfort Grade: Medium